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A rule of life is a rhythm of Christian discipleship.  Some people prefer not to use the word 'rule' and instead call this a 'way of life'. Many through Christian history have elected to do a rule. Some of these have been homespun while others have been part of a monastic tradition. Generally, the idea is to make a regular (say annual) commitment to a rule. A rule remains a broad set of values and principles which govern and shape discipleship and community life. To interpret the rule into your own setting there is a need to flesh it out.  This is called a customary and takes into account what can realistically be done. Further more, an intentional community will also look outside itself and see how it can serve the wider community and God's Church. Such an audit is a real and deep spiritual investigation doing what Jesus called 'reading the signs of the times.' From this emerges an individual's calling and a community's charism.