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Human beings have a way of horrible way of dehumanising each other.  It is all too easy to do this without thinking. At its mildest people can become in the workplace 'human resources' and at its worst, like in the current refugee crisis - 'human traffic' or even worse 'swarms'. The unwanted unborn child becomes 'a product of conception' or 'the feotus'.  The same kind of jargon surrounds people with disability or the frail and elderly. 

Today the horrific image of the body of a three year old boy washed up on the shore of Bodrum has rocked the consciences of many. I do not want to use the word 'migrant' because this is another label. He is just a boy. Adding the word 'migrant' alongside feels like trying to put some distance between me and the child. "Something must be done," polticians cry on the news channels. Yet last week there was an outrcy when part of Songs of Praise was filmed in Calias. How easy the masses change from one tune to another. The same lot that cry 'hosanna' one week shout 'crucify' the next.

At the heart of the manifesto of the EU is the call to human solidarity. This is word we rarely hear these days.  Our culture pushes us to think about ourselves first and define ourselves in opposition to others.

If something real and substantial is not done soon then we might as well Tipex this word out. 'Greed is good' says the main protagonist in the film Wall Street.  The logical conclusion is that self-interest and isolationism are also good. 

Surely we are all brothers and sisters? I am not trying to be naive about the realities of what has happened.  I appreciate that within these people will be ISIS infiltrators. Opening our borders has massive headaches. But I would rather we had a national headache than a heart bypass.