Most importantly, all three, met and were interviewed by Rev Becky Tottendell (The Diocese Director of Ordinands) Father Daniel and Rev Ruth and all three were given the verbal green light on Sunday afternoon. So, we are all set for our first year to start in September (subject to rigorous DBS checks). Hallelujah! A huge thank you to everyone who joined us, helped, supported, chatted and generally joined in the weekend.

We have been blown away by the generosity of everyone who has donated things or time for the house so far. We have had a massive push to get it ready for this last weekend but we still have some things we are short of. We need 3 smallish desks suitable for bedrooms, a microwave, dust pan and brush, broom, garden furniture, garden tools, BBQ, watering can, a padlock and 3 bike locks. If anyone has any of the above, or anything they can think of that might be of use please do get in touch. Rev Becky was amazed that we have managed to put the house together for less £50 so far (we have since bought a TV Licence – some things you just have to buy!) Thank you so much. Debbie (843552/07799586159)